THANK YOU to the 8,200+ voters who voted for me for Suffolk County Legislator - I greatly appreciate your support! Although I was not successful when the votes were tallied on Election Day November 5, I am proud of the vigorous campaign efforts and having provided the voters with a choice. 

Whether you placed a sign on your front lawn, attended a fundraiser event or sent a campaign donation, helped to make phone calls, handed out literature, stuffed envelopes or just called or emailed to say "Good Luck, you've got my vote!" - please know that I greatly appreciate everything that was done to support my candidacy during the months and weeks leading up to Election Day! Onward and Upward ... BEST WISHES to all for upcoming holidays during November and December!!!

Linda Kabot

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VOTE LINDA KABOT Suffolk County Legislator – Integrity, Leadership, Results

Election Day: Tuesday, November 5, 2019

I would be honored to serve as your County Legislator ... from Moriches to Montauk, and Shelter Island too, I bring to the table my tireless work ethic, common sense, and know-how. 

  • Former Southampton Town Supervisor & Councilwoman
  • 14 Years Experience at the Executive & Legislative Level
  • A Proud Record of Accomplishments - Cutting Wasteful Spending, Holding the Line on Property Taxes, Truly Responsive to Community Needs

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About Linda Kabot


There are 18 Legislators on the Suffolk County Legislature, representing 18 Legislative Districts - only 2 Legislators represent the East End Towns - one on the North Fork and one on the South Fork.

The South Fork Legislative District LD#2 spans from Moriches through Montauk and includes Shelter Island - this includes all of the Town of Southampton, all of the Town of East Hampton and all of the Town of Shelter Island, plus a portion of the Town of Brookhaven.

The Suffolk County Legislature is the elected body responsible for public health and public safety. The Legislature sets county policies, reviews the administration of government, appropriates funding, levies taxes, and reviews and adopts the annual budget. The Suffolk County Legislature serves as the Checks and Balances to the County Executive, and as per the Guide published by Suffolk County, acts as "The stewards of your hard-earned tax dollars."  For more info, CLICK LINK:

Candidate Profile Published on Patch-com.

Candidate Profile: Linda Kabot For Suffolk County Legislature

"I have shown that I can reach across party lines to work for the common good and that I truly care about people from all walks of life."

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Your VOTE Counts! Your Support is Powerful.

Let’s work together to restore fiscal sanity to Suffolk County

and provide representation that you can count on!


THANK YOU!! I am honored to be nominated to run for Suffolk County Legislator on the Republican, Conservative & Libertarian party lines. As the candidate for Legislative District 2, I greatly appreciate the 1,500+ registered voters who have signed the petitions submitted to the Suffolk County Board of Elections to allow confirmation of placement onto the ballot for the General Election, November 5, 2019.

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This is an important election year for local government elected positions at the County and Town level. I am running for Suffolk County Legislator for the South Fork, which spans from Moriches to Montauk and includes Shelter Island. I am proud to stand with Suffolk County Executive Candidate John Kennedy and work together to get out our message to the voters to save Suffolk from financial disaster and bring back values-based leadership to the forefront of local government. I bring to the table common sense and know-how as a former Town Supervisor and Councilwoman, and 14 years of dedicated service to the community working at the executive and legislative level of Southampton Town government. I have demonstrated time and time again that I have the strength of character to withstand controversy, stand up for the taxpayers, make the difficult decisions that are prudent and necessary, and to battle against dirty politics and self-serving special interests. I have shown that I can reach across party lines to work for the common good and that I truly care about people from all walks of life. I have pledged an issues-oriented campaign and the most critical priority is restoring fiscal sanity to County government, cutting wasteful spending, taking the necessary corrective actions to right the ship and move Suffolk County forward towards a brighter future. Under the current Democratic administration, there is a negative outlook as per the financial reports and bond rating agencies due to years of fiscal mismanagement and political budgeting designed to bankrupt Suffolk County. It is truly mind-boggling that the Bellone administration claims to be “protecting the taxpayer” and “protecting the environment” ?!?


• Suffolk County’s bonds have been downgraded seven times under the Bellone administration, and the County’s bond rating is now just one grade above Junk Bond status! This level of debt cannot be sustained. Over $300 Million has been borrowed by the Democratic Majority in the County Legislature to pay pension costs! The County’s accumulated debt is now over $2 Billion. Since 2005, the County’s debt has more than doubled! All that borrowing means that tax revenue goes to pay down debt rather than fixing roads, maintaining parks and providing other public services.

• Taxes and Fees have been raised by over $200 Million since Bellone was elected as County Executive with rubberstamp Democrat County Legislators voting Yes to every fee, tax and spending increase. Rather than cutting spending, fees were created & raised, alarm fees, red light camera fees, mortgage recording fees, park fees, vehicle registration fees and more.

• Year after year, the $3 Billion County Budget is unbalanced. There is an operational shortfall of nearly $900 Million, meaning we continue to spend much more than we are bringing in. Imagine trying to run your household at a deficit each year!

• A state appellate court for a second time has ruled a $29.4 million dollar diversion from the Drinking Water Protection Program was illegal, and this is on top of $32.8 million extracted from funds associated with Sewer District stabilization - All told, Suffolk County has borrowed over $171 million from clean water environmental funds and now the taxpayers have to pay this all back - 8 years of Fiscal Mismanagement!

• The County is now using Revenue Anticipation Notes (RANs) to pay bills, and contractors are not paid for work performed until several months later. The list goes on …

We need to elect Proven Leaders Who Will Bring Fiscal Solvency and Resu​lts … We need to Take Back The County Executive Seat and we need to Take Back The Legislature … The agenda needs to be putting taxpayers first.  WE NEED YOUR HELP … IT TAKES COURAGE TO RUN FOR PUBLIC OFFICE AND IT ALSO TAKES $$$ TO GET OUR MESSAGE OUT TO THE VOTERS. We need campaign funds to strengthen our grassroots operations, enhance voter outreach, and better deliver our message through print ads, radio ads, postcard mailings, and – yes – those lawn signs that are posted starting in early September to remind voters to vote on Election Day November 5. Your generous contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500 or $1000 is very much appreciated as it is essential that we have funds on hand to battle back against what is anticipated to be a brutal non-stop attacks by the incumbents seeking to hold on their elected posts with misrepresentations about their records of achievements and a push for their radical, costly destructive politics.

Our county government is at a crossroads and the path to a positive future is your hands.  

Thank you for your past and continued support for my candidacy. 

Sincerely, Linda Kabot, Candidate for Suffolk County Legislator, LD#2 (South Fork/Hamptons) 

Campaign Donations can be mailed to Friends of Linda Kabot PO Box 81 Quogue NY 11959


Candidates need not only courage but also $$$ to get their message out to the voters ... Please donate to Friends of Linda Kabot Box 81 Quogue NY 11959. Your campaign donations are greatly appreciated so that we have the necessary funds for lawn signs, print ads, mailers, radio ads, and voter outreach to strengthen our grassroots operations! When submitting any online donations through Paypal or by credit card through Paypal, provide your name and address. 

The maximum contribution limit is $3176 per individual. 

Note: Political Contributions are not deductible for income tax purposes.

LINDA KABOT for Suffolk County Legislator

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